Women's Wisdom Circles
Seasonal Rhythms Ecstatic Dance
Ceremonial Cacao
Kundalini Dance

As we invite sparks of Kundalini to awaken our true essence, we live closer to our truth, with vibrancy, expanded love, and reverence.

Sacred Womens Circle

Embody your senses and sensuality on deeper somatic levels through activation of universal life forces flowing through your body and spirit...

Awaken to the innate wisdom of the body

Hi, I’m Lydia Leigh

I’m passionate about navigating the sacred through the body’s innate wisdom.

There is so much more that your body and soul are capable of…. More aliveness, more bliss, more depth of feeling, more transformation.

Embodying the energies of the divine feminine and divine masculine, in energetic allegiance with the body offers the chance to alchemize emotions, clear habitual thought patterns, and touch into our soul in a way we never imagined.

Looking for more awakening, transformation, and more ecstatic recalibration……

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