As we invite sparks of kundalini to awaken our true essence, we live closer to our truth, with vibrancy, expanded love and reverence!

Kundalini Dance is a free-form movement practice where you can authentically express yourself through movement, breath, and sound. This practice strengthens the connection to the Divine Feminine (Shakti) and Divine Masculine (Shiva) energetic flows of creation in our own bodies for inner awakening, transformation and union.

  • Feel grounded, heart-centered and connected to the abundance of your enlivened body, your expansive soul and the abundant earth.
  • Create graceful shifts in your energetic centers with catalyst chakra activations.
  • Re-calibrate your senses to a playful awakening of heart and mind.

No dance experience is necessary, express yourself in your own ways that invigorate your soul!

This practice is open to women only (cis, trans, non-binary) at this time.

What is it like??! A Testimonial….

“This was such a beautiful series, and the first time I really understood the merging of Shakti and Shiva energy in an embodied way. Lydia created such a receptive, open and neutral container, and I felt I was really able to have my own unique experience without any expectation of receiving a certain “outcome”, which was so refreshing! She also brought together such an amazing group of supportive women, and I loved having the opportunity to dance in a women’s only space. I had a lot of big and small revelations that I think I’ll be integrating for some time to come. This was incredibly supportive and I’m very grateful. Thank you Lydia!”

-Melinda D.